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Retaining Walls

This video explains how to lay a base course and subsequent courses in a staggered bond. Follow these step-by-step animated instructions to learn how to build a retaining wall with an outside 90 degree corner. NHM Constructors is licensed in North Carolina and South Carolina as a general contractor, performing work in both the public and private arenas. With project size ranging from $50,000 to $12,000,000 we can provide services to a wide range of project needs and scope. We were very impressed with your customer service, communication, and knowledge.

How thick should a retaining wall be?

Retaining walls can be tricky to build as they need to be strong enough to resist horizontal soil pressure where there are differing ground levels. One of the things you must get right is the thickness of the wall. It should be at least 215mm thick and bonded or made of two separate brick skins tied together.

Our clients consist of commercial general contractors, residential developers, and homeowners. As a design-build contractor, ERW provides retaining walls at the right price and scope to its clients. Natural stone retaining walls are comprised of – you guessed it – stone. These natural stones are stacked on top of each other in order to create your wall.


When done right, however, a Retaining Wall can become a functional yet visually appealing focal point on your property. There are a number of ways to design a Retaining Wall, with a number of materials available in various colors, sizes, and shapes that can enhance the look of any landscaping project. Commercial / Structural Retaining Walls Structural retaining walls offer foundational support as well as visual interest to almost any commercial project.

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These structures are durable, elegant, and never go out of style. Natural stone walls can add a stunning landscape accent and provide functional use to any landscape design. One of the nation’s premier retaining wall contractors, Schnabel provides customized earth-retention solutions to accommodate different project conditions. Retaining Walls

Add Functional Space To Your Property

The entire project went fantastic and the end result is exactly what I expected. Travis was super accommodating when I wanted to make a couple changes to the initially bid project. Site was left spotless, other than the wall looking great, you couldn’t tell anyone had even been here working.

So, once you’ve got a clear idea about the properties of your landscape, you can decide on the type of retaining wall that best suits your needs. The base of your wall should be firm and solid, without excess moisture. Clay soils are already saturated with water, and unable to support the weight of a retaining wall.

  • Install drain tee fittings and a drain grate every 25 feet to 50 feet, depending on how much rainwater is expected to run down to the wall.
  • It is possible, however, to build a simple retaining wall using railroad ties that costs less than a landscaping wall made of brick that has built-in11 seating.
  • Cambridge and CST provide the highest quality of material product, warranty and durability.
  • Our professionals can design, create, assemble and construct retaining walls of every size.
  • Second, the type of materials determines other factors such as the method of building, the need for deeper footers, labor force and more.

I’ll look out for any retaining wall experts that can help me build some before the rainy seasons kick in again. If you build a wall out of interlocking stones, you can reduce the number of repairs your wall’s likely to need overall. These pieces fit together like building blocks and your contractor will hammer them down to ensure a snug fit.

Start Your Retaining Wall Design Process Now

Retaining walls are often constructed with concrete, stone, or bricks. But, if you’re looking to undertake a do-it-yourself job, retaining wall blocks are your best bet. These blocks cost between $1.25 and $4 per block, depending on their size and texture, and they feature locking flanges that attach each row of blocks together.

How high can a retaining wall be without council approval NSW?

For example, in New South Wales, you can only build your retaining wall up to 600mm from ground level without council approval while on the Gold Coast of Queensland, you need building approval for retaining walls 1 meter or more in height.

When constructed properly, retaining walls last an extremely long time with little to no maintenance. In most areas, you will need a permit to build a retaining wall. However, some may be exempt depending on the height and location of the wall. On average, a building permit for a retaining wall costs between $25 and $100, though prices vary depending on where you live.

How Wide Should A Retaining Wall Trench Be?

I highly recommend Armstrong as the end result was exactly what I expected, he was very detailed and easy to work with. If you need black dirt to fill in low spots in your yard, or class 5 for your driveway or any other kind of dirt or fill, we can help. From standing water to water run-off, water can be a hassle. When it comes to your landscape project we won’t cut corners, apple to apples we believe we’re the best deal around. We also give lots of examples and ideas to spark your imagination.

  • Brick retaining walls offer excellent strength and durability but they’re also expensive and labor-intensive.
  • Lift low blocks with more gravel and tap down high blocks with the rubber mallet.
  • This naturally elegant look may be exactly what is right for your Minneapolis landscape.
  • If they charge by the hour, you can expect to pay between $50 and $75 per hour.
  • At the Portola site, between every layer of the standard-length grid and compacted fill was another, smaller grid only 4-ft.
  • Walls more than 4 feet tall will likely require a building permit and a plan made by a licensed engineer.

Also, remember that at least ⅓ of the wall’s total height remains below ground. Stone retaining walls cost between $20 and $100 per sq.ft., depending on the exact stone used. There are many ways to create a stacked stone wall, including flat stones, boulders, stone veneer, and more. Stacked stone is very versatile and can be used to create tiered walls, decorative walls, and taller walls.

At the Portola site, between every layer of the standard-length grid and compacted fill was another, smaller grid only 4-ft. These strata of primary geogrid fabric, compacted fill, secondary grid, compacted fill, and so on provided the necessary additional stability in the seismic area. The installer on the proejct was Geogrid Retaining Wall Systems Inc., an innovative leader in the design/build of retaining walls located in Vista, Calif. To design and build the retaining wall, Baldwin & Sons chose to work with Geogrid Retaining Wall Systems, Inc., the largest segmental retaining wall installer in Southern California.

They make different varieties of retaining walls, and the blocks that they make vary based on purpose and style. They actually have 4 different collections of blocks to choose from that are used specifically for the construction of retaining walls. Our concrete contractor can complete your concrete construction project no matter how complicated the job. Whether you’re starting a new construction project or want to update your home, you can work directly with our concrete contractor to make sure the results are exactly what you want. Joe owns and operates Retaining Wall Contractors in the Twin Cities, MN, with the assistance of his younger brother, Jake .

Concrete Retaining Wall Cost

Typically, your contractors factor this into the final cost of building your retaining wall. If you are creating a rammed earth wall, you need to use a type of aggregate, which typically costs between $20 and $25 per sq.ft. This can be gravel, gabion, earth, soil, or any other small material that can be compressed. It is usually a blend of some type of stone and soil to help better hold it together. If you want to use larger materials, it is best to keep to that and not mix in aggregate.

You’ll also want to call DigSafe to have representatives from local utility companies come out and check whether any buried electrical lines will be in the way. Generally speaking, the California average cost for a retaining wall is anywhere between $300-$900 per linear foot. Keep reading to learn how to break down the math, it just might be cheaper than you think depending on the scope of the project. Check out some of the retaining walls we’ve installed in Burlington and surrounding areas in our Retaining Wall Before and After Gallery. “Installation of a retaining wall system is an investment in creating more property square footage to build homes on.”

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If it works as I suspect it will, you will have cascades of green falling down your wall which moves with the wind and covers the wall. Make sure you empty all the soil in each brick and fill it with the earth of the plant (sand/soil but limited clay) it needs drainage and some watering at first. Check with your local nursery for some names of reputable landscape architects or contractors in your area.

  • As design-build retaining wall contractors, Schnabel is able to provide a number of permanent retaining wall solutions based on unique project needs and challenging environmental conditions.
  • This could be due to poor initial construction, age, or severe water saturation.
  • If you live in an earthquake zone, your costs will be higher due to the need for additional engineering required for increased structural integrity.
  • KG Landscape takes the extra steps by using the best landscaping fabric, the right backfill and a huge drainage pipe to funnel the excess liquid.
  • While there was an extensive amount of work, we were able to complete it in only 2 weeks and it turned out beautifully.
  • VERSA-LOK walls are made of high-strength concrete blocks, dry-stacked, interlocked with pins and set on granular leveling pads.

These webs, called counterforts, help reduce soil pressure along the wall while increasing its weight and strength. When planning a retaining wall, its important to consider the use of the structure during the planning phase. Due to these benefits, a retaining wall can add value and aesthetic appeal to your home as well as increase the enjoyment you get out of your yard. Follow these step-by-step animated instructions to learn how to build a retaining wall with an inside 90 degree corner.


We provide professional design and construction services to create a wide range of retaining walls, retaining wall systems, gabion walls and accent walls to meet structural and decorative needs. We can offer a wide range of choices because, over the years, we have built hundreds of retaining walls in a variety of materials in a variety of landscapes. We can design and do installation to suit your commercial and residential retaining wall construction needs, no matter how big or small.

Landscape Design With Retaining Wall Project Expertise

Our landscape retaining wall contractors understand the ins and outs of creating a functional and attractive retaining wall, from design and size to proper materials and slope issues. For 35 years, Graniteco’ team of professional landscapers and retaining wall contractors has been bringing beauty to the Twin Cities‘s landscape. By considering existing plants, shrubs and other plant elements, our team of experts will help design and create the perfect retaining wall that closely resembles and enhances existing exterior finishes.

Construction Material & Maintenance

In addition to a wide selection of natural and man-made building materials, we can also offer homeowners a variety of retaining wall options. Walls can be made from a variety of materials, including natural stone, brick, and man-made. We can also edge the stones are your request.

What areas & what products will be need it to build a structure on your property, what height and is it to support a ground, drainage, guide the water flow, close to your patio or is only soil.

Our stone wall work experience in the Twin Cities area, our customers give us work on large projects and small, our work is high quality and we are proud of the product and services we provide.

Many landscapers choose to install drainage tile, which carries groundwater to outlets where it can drain away harmlessly. When building a retaining wall, landscapers often slope them slightly toward the earth they’re containing. This design, known as “step-back construction,” creates a sturdy wall structure that pushes back against the lateral pressure of the soil behind it. Step-back walls can be built by anyone with a strong back and basic construction knowledge, as long as they have blocks designed for retaining wall assembly. Bract Retaining Walls and Excavating, LLCprovides construction services, in the area of retaining walls, concrete paver patio and driveway pavers, and excavating work.

We needed to completely redo / renovate our front and backyard and reached out to Alderwood. Tim Glass was incredible in capturing our thoughts, ideas and our desires for use and maintenance. Not only was he professional but extremely responsive and fol… Submit your project to local pros and get estimates based on your particular needs. Set up concrete services in Harriman, TN or the eastern Tennessee area when you contact us today.

If similar materials are being used, however, and the length and height of the wall are equal, retaining walls will cost more. A retaining wall that is 4 feet high and 25 feet long can cost $3,500 to $10,000, while a landscaping wall of the same size will cost closer to $1,500 to $3,000. Building a retaining wall on a slope costs from $40 to $200 per linear foot, depending on the size and complexity of the project. This often involves ground regrading and other prep work before the construction begins.

In some instances, the only differences may be cosmetic and personal, as they relate to your landscaping. We are proudly full service, licensed, insured and MHIC and EPA certified which means that you and your property are in the very best hands. When the soil behind a retaining wall gets wet, it exerts much more pressure and weight against the wall.

Landscapes Unlimited can give you the same satisfaction with our retaining wall services in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While there are many retaining wall products available we’ve narrowed our selection to 3 of the regions best paver manufacturers. Cambridge and CST provide the highest quality of material product, warranty and durability. I was really interested when you stated that retaining walls are a great way to control rain erosion.

  • Gardner Construction Inc. has built a solid reputation over 30 years based on our professional craftmanship, reliability, and outstanding service to all of our customers.
  • That’s $1,600 for a 100 square foot retaining wall—basic, with no extras and under four feet.
  • They make different varieties of retaining walls, and the blocks that they make vary based on purpose and style.
  • The overall cost depends on the materials you use and where you are building it, too.
  • It can be rustic or contemporary depending on the stone used and may be dry-stacked or reinforced.

Segmental retaining walls are a type of reinforced gravity wall that works well for both residential and commercial sites. They’re especially good for high-sloped terrain and usually have no height restrictions. For retaining walls that are built on slopes, it is extremely important that a french drain is installed as part of the retaining wall system. You must have proper drainage to whisk water away from the wall.